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Every year, we send out quality assurance surveys to each of our care homes. Surveys are given to our residents, resident's families and staff to fill out.
We use these forms as a metric to rate our homes with.

Annual Quality Assurance Survey - Lutterworth Country House (2018)

Are you able to talk to the manager/senior team when needed?
100% Outstanding
0% Good
0% Requires Improvements
0% Inadequate
We aim to provide a homely and welcoming environment which is clean and safe for our clients. How well do you think we do this?
45% Outstanding
41% Good
13% Requires Improvements
1% Inadequate
We aim to provide nutritionally balanced menus and meals, how do you rate us?
38% Outstanding
38% Good
18% Requires Improvements
6% Inadequate
Overall rating
7.3 / 10