Care Services With a Difference

At PrimeLife we provide a wide choice of care services based on our residents’ needs. We understand that every resident is different so we tailor the care they receive accordingly.

Supported Living/Extra Care Housing

Supported living is for those residents who require assistance for their day-to-day living such as bathing, dressing, or taking their medication, while still enabling them to retain their independence.

For more information on our supported living/extra care housing care services please click here.

Dementia Care

At PrimeLife we provide care for individuals who are at various stages of dementia who require different levels of support.  We will ensure they live comfortable, and fulfilling lives, no matter what stage of dementia they are at.

As well as our specifically designed activity plans, which include reminiscence sessions, listening to music, singing and specially organised visits from animal therapy groups, we also ensure every small detail of the living environment is sympathetically designed for those with dementia.

For example, in our dementia homes our doors are pastel coloured. Pastel colours have proven to be easier to see for those with dementia and the use of single plain floor covering helps to prevent trips and falls. This helps as people suffering with dementia can often mistake a change in colour on the floor surface as a step.

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Palliative Care Nursing

Palliative care (also referred to as end of life care) ensures that our residents and their family are provided with invaluable care and support at a sensitive time. The focus is placed on preventing or relieving suffering of the patient while at the same time offering essential support to families.

For more information on our palliative care nursing please click here.

Respite Care

For those who have made the choice to look after their loved ones requiring extra care at home it is important that you also take a break from time to time, to allow you to recharge the batteries. Respite care gives caregivers a chance to take a break from looking after the loved ones from time to time. Many people make the decision to look after their loved ones themselves, but allowing us at PrimeLife to take over for a short amount of time  – whether it is for a day, a week or longer – will provide you with a break, enabling you to refresh and relax.

For more information on our respite care services please click here.

Elderly Care

Elderly care at PrimeLife is tailored to respect the needs of the resident.

We provide 24/7 support for our residents, and we cater for any length of stay, whether it is a short term stay to recuperate, or a longer term stay.

We understand there are many factors to consider when looking after the elderly, and our highly trained care professionals will work diligently to ensure our residents are comfortable and maintain a high standard of living.

For more information on the elderly care services we offer, be sure to click here.

Residential Nursing Care

Residential care is for the longer-term care for an adult in a residential capacity. In comparison, residential nursing care includes the added extra of nursing care, which you can purchase as part of a nursing care package. This is then tailored to the individuals needs and requirements.

In our residential care homes, our residents also have the opportunity to take advantage of our unique program called ‘101 things to do’, which encourages activities other than watching TV.

You can rest easy knowing your loved ones are in good hands at PrimeLife.

For more information on our residential nursing care, please click here.

Mental Illness Care

Mental illness is a condition that most people are familiar with, though the term itself is quite a broad one, as it can encompass a wide variety of conditions. They can differ in terms of symptoms or severity, and can affect an individual in a vast amount of ways.

PrimeLife understand that patience is required when taking care of an individual with a mental illness. Our trained care professionals are familiar with various circumstances and mental health illness.

For more information on the mental illness care we offer be sure to click here.

Learning Disability Care

Our Learning Disability Care services focus on integrating our adult residents into the community, and helping them to become an integral part of a PrimeLife home.

Our care programs are tailored to each individual, as each learning disability is different, and no case is the same.

At PrimeLife, our planned activities at our homes and day centres (as well as community groups) ensure that our residents gain their own independence.

If you would like to discuss our care services in more detail please feel free to contact us on 0800 0463920 or you can complete our online contact form and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.