What is Intermediate Care

Intermediate care refers to the level of care that is provided to an individual to facilitate the transition from illness to recovery. It is primarily to serve patients who require care, but not yet at the level that a hospital, for example, would provide.

Who Should Consider Intermediate Care

Usually, intermediate care is helpful for recuperating patients who are still recovering from an illness or stay in hospital.

PrimeLife provide the care and consideration your loved ones need during this transitional period and ensure you and your family are equipped with the resources and knowledge needed to help you all the way.

We feel that family is important, and it is why we have adopted this ethos in our homes.

At PrimeLife, we understand that choosing a care provider can be an understandably perplexing task, and a decision that is often made under the pressure of time and sometimes worrying circumstances such as a hospital stay  – which is why we continuously strive to deliver the finest care services while exceeding national standards ensuring you and your loved ones are given the highest quality care we can provide.

Reviews from Happy PrimeLife Residents

The list of our happy residents and their relatives continues to grow, as the services and facilities we provide have proven to be a large factor of our residents’ satisfaction.

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