What is supported living and extra care housing?

Supported living, or supported housing, is a service designed to provide a person with a disability the help and support they need to live their lives the way they want, where they want.

Supported living and extra care housing is based on ensuring the level of support matches the individual’s needs, rather than the individual having to adapt to the support i.e.

• The patient chooses where they live and who, if anyone, they live with
• The patient chooses who supports them and how they are supported

The main goal of supported living and extra care housing is to provide the foundation for patients to take control of their life, rather than allowing their disability to take control of how they live.

Here at PrimeLife we offer a range of self-contained and independent accommodation featuring both flats and bungalows. These supported housing facilities are made available to those who have conditions associated with their age or mental/physical abilities for rent, and some are available to buy.

For more information visit our page on supported living services.

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