Sandra C (Daughter of Resident)

My mother passed away on 4 January 2016 having been a resident at Holmes House for over 12 years. Throughout this time my mother received all the care, love and support one could possibly wish for from all the management and staff. 

The last few weeks of Mum’s life were difficult for me being so far away but Rachael and her staff were brilliant. She kept me informed of the situation so I was able to see Mum to say my goodbyes and I had the reassurance of knowing that someone was at Mum’s bedside right until the end. Rachael is an excellent Manager and coordinator.  She and her staff gave respect and consideration  to me and my mother at all times. Care and kindness were top issues. She is still giving me great support dealing with the funeral etc and I cannot thank her enough for all she has done.


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