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“I love my home; I feel safe here and never want to leave. I help around the home, setting tables, doing shopping for other clients, which helps my independence. We’re like one big happy family. The staff are really caring and helpful, they treat me as an individual. I’ve got a lovely big room which is really spacious, enough room for all my Elvis stuff. Ashlands is “home sweet home” (Resident, Ashands)

“I love living here. We are well looked after, the staff will always help me when I need it” (Resident, St. Georges)

“I am happy and content living at Ashland Mews. I go to day centres and clubs during the week and have the freedom to come and go as I choose. I enjoy promoting my independence by doing my own washing, cooking and shopping etc within the bungalow and in the community by visiting my friends. My bungalow is lovely and personal and I love my own garden and apple tree. The site encouraged me to bring my own pets and my cat is a very important factor in my life. I would not want to live anywhere else” (Tenant, Ashlands Mews).


“My mother was in the care of your marvellous staff on Bowden Wing for nearly two years until her death last month. My wife and I are so glad that she was able, throughout that time, to benefit from all the great qualities of Peaker Park.  It was not just the high quality of the rooms, the food, the cleanliness and efficiency that always impressed us, but, most importantly, the kindness, patience, good humour and sheer professionalism of all the carers. My mother knew that she was in good hands and was hugely comforted and reassured in that knowledge.

We were always made to feel very welcome on our visits to my mother, even when staff were clearly very busy. We realise that, at times, she wouldn’t have been an easy person to look after, but your staff built a trusting and affectionate relationship with her, which enabled them to give the best possible care. The attentiveness to all her physical needs was exemplary, but, beyond that, she enjoyed the lovely, gentle, and caring manner in which the staff related to her.

We were extremely touched that five members of your staff came to my mothers funeral and joined us afterwards – such a lovely gesture. We hold Peaker Park in the highest regard and are immensely grateful to you all for giving my mother such wonderful care.” (Relative, Peaker Park)

“We would like to convey our sincere thanks for the wonderful care which our Mum received during the last months of her life, whilst she was at Charnwood Oaks. Having had to make the very difficult decision of needing to find a care home for her, we couldn’t have wished for a better place or staff.  From the day Mum made this her home, she was treated with dignity, respect and compassion. Every member of staff showed such care and understanding, not only towards Mum, but to our family too.  Everyone was always cheerful, friendly and so hardworking.  Nothing was too much trouble, and dignity and courtesy were never overlooked.  Mum was always kept immaculately clean and tidy and her care by doctors, nurses and carers was outstanding, everybody went out of their way to help.  Please convey our thanks and sincere gratitude to all of the staff for taking such care of our precious Mum.  We couldn’t have wished more for her to have been in the hands of such wonderful, professional people”. (Relative, Charnwood Oaks)

“I just wanted to reiterate the compliments my sister worded so perfectly and express to you all personally my deepest gratitude for everything you mange to do, splendidly, professionally and with such humanism.  As my sister said, it is the most comforting feeling to know our Mum is in safe and caring hands.  I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Westerlands when I was over from France in August, just that feeling of being part of a family is more precious than words can say.  Also, knowing that my sister feels so comfortable when she come to Westerlands, that she’s so happy and reassured with this remarkable care home for our Mum – with me lilving so far away, this is such a massive help to me and makes all the difference.  You have all our support, and we have nothing but praise for you all”. (relative, Westerlands)

“I know I have expressed my feelings before, but just would like to reiterate how absolutely lovely it is to visit Westerlands.  I feel it is almost like ‘my home’ as well as my Mum’s.  I feel so comfortable and I know for certain that my Mum is extremely comfortable and does not want for anything.  Visiting a relative with Dementia/Alzheimers is extremely difficult, but this is much alleviated by yourselves, your staff and the truly pleasant surroundings.  You are always so friendly and ready to listen and for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.” (Relative, Westerlands)

“I am writing to express my gratitude for the care my mother received from the staff at Chamberlaine Court during the 18 months she lived there.  Moving my mohter into a residential care was a very difficult decision, but the care she received was second to none.  She was always treated with dignity and respect and the staff were also welcoming to us when we visited.  The staff demonstrated genuine interest and compassion towards my mother and did everything they could to make her feel safe and secure.  For that I will always be greateful”. (Relative, Chamberlaine Court)

“I shall never be able to thank Caroline and all the team at Mill House enough for the way you cared for Mum during her time with you.  The fact that mum could move into Teal Cottage made the transition to a care home so much easier.  The cottage was well designed and suited her needs at the time.  When she moved into the main building, her room was light, airy and spacious.  It made a big difference to her that she was able to bring some of her own furniture and lots of her ornaments, pictures and photos.

I have nothing but praise for all aspects of Mum’s care.  However, most of all it was the understanding shown by you all of the different phases of dementia that really made the difference – you were so accepting.  She was always treated with dignity, respect and patience.  From her first day at Mill House to the day Mum died I have felt confident that she was in safe hands. I will always be grateful to you all for making the last part of Mum’s life as happy and comfortable as possible and I will continue to tell anyone who will listen about the great work you do at Mill House”. (relative, MIll House)

“I’m writing to say a big thank you to everyone at Fir Close for the care you provided for my mother in the final weeks of her life.  It was a great reassurance to me and my family to know that everything possible was being done to make her as comfortable as possible.  Should could not have been treated with more care, love and compassion, and everyone was very understanding and considerate to us when we came to visit.  I shall always remember visiting my mother in those final days, and the feelings of reassurance I came away with.  Thanks once again.” (Relative, Fir Close)

“My Mother passed away peacefully at the Whitecliffe Care Centre in Blackburn.  She had been a resident for 5 years and 7 months.  On behalf of the family, I would like to convey our grateful thanks for the hard work of all the staff who helped to make Mum’s stay as comfortable as possible and also for the quality of palliative care she received throughout, as her condition gradually deteriorated.  I also wish to express our sincere appreciation for the courtesy, friendliness and help given to the family when we visited; this made us feel welcome and comfortable in the home.  Care homes frequently get a ‘bad press’ and have to  operate under much scrutiny for understandable reasons.  My experience of Whitecliffe has been a positive one.  There is a core of caring, loyal, hardworking and dedicated staff that make the home the ‘excellent’ one that it is, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Whitecliffe as my care home of choice.” (Relative, Whitecliffe)

“I write to you to say how much my family and I appreciated the loving care and attention that your staff gave to my Wife Ellen during her stay in Brough Lodge for a period of respite care.  You have a well organized and disciplined staff, who put the patient’s care above all else.” (Relative, Brough Lodge)

“I thought I would take this opportunity to write to you and express my gratitude to your organisation and in particular your staff at Mill House.  My mother is very comfortable, well nourished and very well looked after at the home.  My thanks also go to all the staff who contribute to my Mother’s well being.” (Relative, Mill House)

“I feel that it is important to write to you personally to express our sincere gratitude  for the warm and loving care Mum received from the staff over the two years she lived at the Whitecliffe Care Home. It was truely wonderful!  The support the staff gave us was very professional and supportive.  Putting Mum into a care home was the most difficult decision I have ever had to make, but Whitecliffe was without doubt the best choice we made.  For this reason, I have and would continue to highly recommend Whitecliffe as a specialist care home.”  (Relative, Whitecliffe)

“My mother recently spent a week at St. Michael’s for respite care, and I would be grateful if you would express my sincere thanks to all of your staff for the excellent care that she received, and as a consequence mum has been booked in for a further weeks stay.  The staff always had time for mum and for us and I would have no doubt in recommending St. Michael’s  to friends and family and you should be very proud of the team of people that you have in place there, and the standard of care that they deliver to all of the residents”. (Relative, St.Michael’s)

“I wanted to thank you very much for all the care and support given to my parents over the last eighteen months, Peaker Park is a dynamic, happy and caring place, which always has a lovely ambience of friendliness, with a cheerful buzz of purposeful activity.  All the staff took time to engage with my parents, playing dominoes, doing calligraphy, looking through family photos and reading to them. They benefitted from the welcome encouragement of Janet and her team in the dining room and very much appreciated Sam’s soups and traditional puddings.  Finally I would offer a big thank you for allowing me to have an extended stay at Mulroy, to be with my parents during the final weeks of their lives.  I was always made to feel welcome by everyone, and found great comfort in witnessing how the nurses and carers helped to make their last weeks peaceful”. (Relative, Peaker Park)

“I feel I really must write to praise the excellent level of care provided for mum.  Every time I visited, with out fail, I was offered a drink, there was always plenty of staff on duty and the place never smelt.  Residents were always up and dressed, in clean clothes and were taken on cue to meal times.  Mum had her hair cut, set or permed as was required.  She was taken out on day trips, and I believe you had her involved from time to time in making cakes and fruit salads.  I liked the fact that we were free to visit mum at any time.  We feel that mum was genuinely cared for, rather than just processed, and on behlaf of the family I would like to thank all the staff at Brockshill for making mum’s last fifteen months as comfortable as possible”. (Relative, Brockshill Woodlands)

“I would like to echo my brother’s words and praise about Brockshill.  I was always warmly met, offered a drink and even a meal, and always found the home clean, odour free, tidy and the residents all well dressed and cared for.  I never once came away feeling uncomfortable at the levels of her personal care and attention, or that she was in any way ever neglected or not treated with respect and dignity.  Indeed I too felt that amongst all of the high profile bad publicity regarding care homes in the UK, you and your team there have got it right.  Good, dedicated staff who work as a team and who clearly care, are the key to success.  You have a great team there, and should be proud of them”. (Relative, Brockshill Woodlands)

“My father has been a resident at Meadow View for 5 months.  During this time he has been treated with the utmost dignity and respect.  He passed away peacefully, thanks to the staff, who made sure that his pain and fear was taken from him by involving doctors and district nurses.  When we went home to sleep the staff were by his side and they played his favourite music softly in the background, which he would have appreciated and made sure that we were supported at all times.  I cannot thank the whole team enough, and commend them on their services ‘above and beyond the call of duty’.  This team are a credit to your company”.  (Relative, Meadow View)

“Thank you for the care which my father received.  The treatment he received from your staff was professional, committed and sensitive, and I would be very grateful if you would pass on to them my sincere thanks.  I would also like to add how much I appreciated your freindly reception, either in person or on the phone, brightening up difficult visits.”  (Relative, Charnwood Oaks)

“My mother has been in Belvoir Court for 15 months and I have experienced a splendid level of care which is provided to her and all members of her extended family by the staff who give their dedicated time.  Kindness is always on hand to deal with each situation as it presents itself.  Thank you to all the staff who all possess that empathetic quality which is essential in handling the in depth level of care that is provided by this facility”.  (Relative, Rutland Care Village)

“Thank you very much for all the care that was given to my dear Dad.  You provided a lovely environment for Dad to spend his last 12 months.  He was relaxed and comfortable at Peaker Park and quickly made it his home.  The way he was treated by all the staff allowed him to feel happy and content with considerable self esteem.  The exceptionally high standard of care that your staff deliver on a daily basis to all residents reflects your leadership qualities, we felt blessed to have found Peaker Park”.  (Relative, Peaker Park)

“This is just a little note of appreciation for the lovely fun afternoon you and the staff organised yesterday.  The residents obviously enjoyed the ‘Olympic Games’ and it was lovely to see them taking part.  I know it will have meant extra work for you, but hope that the pleasure it provided for residents and relatives was rewarding for you all too.” (Relative, Brough Lodge)

“I am writing to you to thank you and your staff for the love, care and patience you all showed to my mum, and for that matter to the family and other visitors too.  The family were a little apprehensive when mum was moved to Charnwood Oaks, however, our concerns were soon put to rest as a result of the advice the nurses and carers gave us and it seemed mum did settle down well.  In writing this letter I have resisted the temptation to name individuals involved in my mum’s care because I am concerned I will miss the name of somebody in the process.  Than you for your loving, tender care to us all, and mum in particular, and I trust your work for frail, needy, elderly senior citizens will continue to flourish”. (Relative, Charnwood Oaks)

“When I realised that my father had reached a stage in his life where he needed 24 hour care, I remembered recommendations I had received from friends and, that the best place in the area was Mill House, and knowing that a place was available, realised we need search no further.  The house had the quiet elegance of a hotel rather than the clinical hospital feel of some places, the staff polite and helpful and the food smelt delicious.  Dad particularly enjoys his meals, there is always a choice and a wide variety of seasonal favourities.  The service is truly excellent.  Dad appreciates playing a major role in creating his care plan and knows that his requests and preferences have not only been noted, but are respected.  It has been a long while since Dad has enjoyed such a varied social life, with such ‘full’ days!  I can’t thank you and your staff enough!”  (Relative, Mill House)

“I am writing to express my appreciation for the way you looked after my grandmother. Whenever I visisted my gran you and your team made me so welcome, I was offered tea and indeed a sandwich.  This made Gran and me able to remember past times when she always offered me a cup of tea and a sandwich when she was more independent.  I am aware that you made her other visitors very welcome and allowed them to have lunch or tea with her, so that it really was a ‘home from home’.  I don’t like to mention anyone in particular as everyone was so good and your team ensured that she was happy and felt cared for”. (Relative, Brockshill Woodlands)

“I would just like to say a big “Thank You”, when my husband was discharged from hospital, I never invisaged that he would ever reach a state where he would be fit to come home”.

“All credit must be given to the staff at Peaker Park, the care, the dedication and kindness has been exceptional, and without this I do not think that my husband would have reached this stage and I will always be indebted to them”.

“I will certainly have  no hesitation in recommending this care home to any of my friends in similar circumstances”.

“Thank you does not seem adequate, my family and I are extremely grateful and appreciative of the way my husband has been treated whilst at Peaker Park”. (Relative, Peaker Park)

“It feels like a family here. Myself or a family member comes here everyday to spend time with dad, and considering the circumstances it is such a nice place to be” (Relative, Peaker Park)

“This is the best home for our son. The staff look after him really well and we couldn’t ask for a better home for our son” (Relative, Stoneygate Road)

“I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to the staff at the home that look after my Mum. They are always caring, considerate and helpful, and genuinely care about Mum. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they always respond positively when asked questions by me or other family members. I have a lot of admiration and respect for the staff at St Georges” (Relative, St Georges)

“This is a nice calm home. We do activities such as arts and crafts each day which helps the residents and staff to appear happy and content. I really enjoy working at St Georges (Staff, St Georges)

“I love it! When I came here, I got to know everyone and the clients appear to enjoy my company. I like the fact that I can help them to make a difference. I really enjoy the training and the opportunities I have been given since working at Stoneygate Road” (Staff, Stoneygate Road)

“I like the home because we work as a team. We can always go to the senior or the manager for advice and they always listen. I like the training on offer. The job can be challenging but it is very rewarding” (Staff, Beechlands)

Health and Social Care Professionals

“The staff are always friendly and helpful. From my prospective, referrals etc are always conducted efficiently. The residents are always content and the staff are always really helpful when I am in the home, and they effectively follow advice given” (District nurse, St Georges)