Our Difference

The design of our buildings and personal accommodation is about much more than just aesthetics.  We pride ourselves on exceeding national standards, and taking an innovative approach to allow us to go above and beyond whenever possible.


Leading the way in innovation

Working alongside our technical partners, we have developed a new and innovative nurse call system exclusive to PrimeLife homes. The system allows us to individualise each room to cater for those with the ability to use a nurse call to summon assistance (through discreet use of pendants), or to monitor those who might not have the ability, but would also benefit from the technology, through the use of sensors on beds, chairs, floor mats, doors and windows to alert staff to unusual movement which may indicate the client is in need of assistance. With WiFi sensors within all rooms used by clients, the system identifies the exact location of the client in need of assistance and gives the location to the nurses and staff via a personal pager and alarm system, with further technology available to record response times, giving re-assurance of a prompt, safe service.


Exceeding national standards

All of our homes, and in particular our modern developments, exceed national standards in many areas and we are constantly upgrading and refurbishing our older buildings to bring them up to standard. Below are just some of the ways we are able to demonstrate this.


Your personal accommodation 

We always exceed national standards in terms of size and facilities offered. Every client is offered a single bedroom, many of which offer additional lounge space, all of which can be personalised. The majority of our bedrooms also offer private en-suite facilities, and many of our new developments can accommodate double beds and fitted wardrobes.

bedroom orange 0100


Access to your accommodation

All of our bedroom doors are fitted with door knockers, are numbered, and in homes that accommodate clients with dementia they are usually painted in individual pastel colours so they stand out from each other. Identity frames are placed next to the door for individuals to place pictures, or similar memorabilia in, in order to help them recognise their room. All doors are fitted with suited locks, so clients can lock their bedrooms when they leave their room, where appropriate, or use the thumb turn when inside their room for privacy. Many of our door fittings allow clients to prevent others from entering their rooms, but always allow clients access safe access from their rooms at all times.

door 3Charnwood Oaks 1179 door


TV,  phone, Sky and Wifi

Each bedroom has a minimum of two double electrical socket points or more, with all modern facilities having telephone sockets available for individuals to set up private phone lines, and broadband if required. We are also fitting communal Sky dish’s in newer developments, again allowing individuals the opportunity to set up a private contract. WiFi is becoming more popular, and this is something we are installing to give wireless internet coverage within new developments, all of our rooms have Digital TV aerial points fitted as standard.

phone point 0452 with flowers and plugs bedroom green tv


Fire detection systems

All new developments are fitted with modern fire alarm systems, and modern sprinkler systems. In the event of an alarm, the system alerts the staff to the exact location of the cause, and appropriate action and procedures can then be followed.

IMG_0105 fire alarm 0455



As a minimum, we supply a single bed with all linen, a bedside table with lockable top drawer, a three drawer chest of drawers, a double wardrobe, two seating chairs and a coffee table. All furniture is fire retardant, and the fabrics are cleanable, while being attractive in appearance. Some larger rooms also feature double beds with kitchenette area with tea making facilities, sink, fridge, microwave, and storage space, though we will always encourage clients to personalise accommodation to their own choice and style.

Charnwood Oaks 1116 bedroom green0184



Did you know for people suffering from dementia, patterned floor coverings can prove hard to navigate? Patterns can appear to ‘jump out’ and look like obstacles on the floor. We therefore use plain coloured floorings that contrast slightly with the skirting and walls. The use of ‘floor junctions’ at the corridor intersections helps to slow clients with dementia down, and encourage them to evaluate their surroundings, and make a decision on which direction to take, all of our homes benefit from wood effect flooring which assist infection control measures.



Each new development will offer a range of 6-8 colour schemes for bedrooms. If clients are involved at the early stages, then they can choose the colour for their room. Each colour scheme is light but contrasting with flooring and door finishes to cater for those with dementia or visual impairment, our annual refurbishment programme also  allows clients to be involved in choosing colour schemes for communal areas, in addition to private accommodation.

It is widely recognised that for people suffering with dementia, softer pastle tones are more easily recognised, you will therefore find many of lounge areas and bedrooms decorated in these colour schemes.


101 things to do rather than watch the television

All care homes offer regular activity programmes, central to it is a TV, with one remote control and numerous people “watching” TV! Our “101 things to do” programme recognises a number of “traditional” events such as bingo, cards and knitting, but our programme is more diverse, involves modern technology such as Nintendo Wii’s, fully fitted cinema rooms and even a gym room for the more active. So, whatever your ability or choice there will always be something to do without watching TV!

cinema 0465 play area 0101

june box sylvia 0505 sweet shop sylvia 0073

Residents and relatives committee

All of our homes invite regular input from clients and relatives as to how we can improve our services, we welcome the thoughts and views off all who visit our homes, our client and relative meetings will be well publicised, encourage your input and value your views!